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ARHS Lehigh Valley SW8 Dynamic Brake Conversion Kit *ARHS Exclusive*

$ 22.00 USD

Accurately model the Valley’s “Pups” in HO scale from Life-Like’s Proto 2000 SW8 with this resin conversion kit that supplies most of the parts you’ll need. A detailed description of the kit and how to use it is included below.

What is included
A resin casting that replaces the rear section of the hood on the Proto 2000 SW8. This part has all dynamic brake detailing molded in, including fan blade detail so a see-through fan can be used at the modeler’s option. Interior clearance is at least as much as the stock P2K SW8, and sufficient for the mechanism and a DCC decoder (NCE’s SW9-SR decoder is a drop-in replacement for the P2K circuit board).

A 36″ exhaust fan, which is solid resin, but nicely detailed. Modelers wishing to take the detail level to a higher standard can substitute a see-through fan such as the 36″ fan from the Life-Like Proto 2000 SD7, SD9 or E8, the Intermountain F unit, or the Highliners F-unit.

A rear platform step box to fit between the battery box and the rear drop step. This has a tread pattern to match the P2K walkways, and is sized so that the modeler can use either the P2K drop step or a Detail Associates #1401 drop step, which is more accurate.

A bracket for mounting a Nathan M3 horn to the front of the cab.

A filler plate for the right front face of the cab, where the heater duct would fit on a standard SW8 without dynamic brakes.

You’ll need to supply the Proto 2000 SW8, optimally the undecorated version. These can most often be found at train shows and online via ebay, etc.

Read more about the efforts to bring this kit to production.

Download instructions for installing the kit.

This is a custom kit made exclusively for the ARHS.