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More about the Anthracite Railroads Historical Society


Our periodical, Flags, Diamonds, and Statues, a magazine of which any professional publisher would be proud, is sent three times a year to all members. A typical issue can contain historical articles, maps, diagrams, and beautiful old photos. Back issues are available in for purchase.

We also publish the Anthracite Extra, a newsletter which informs members of Society activities and products as well as Society business.


The ARHS owns several locomotives which include EMD F3 A&B units, an ALCO FA, RS3’s, an ex-LV 50 ft white boxcar (#8221), as well as several other pieces of equipment.

Our active restoration group spends summer and fall weekends at Scranton, Pennsylvania bringing our collection of historic railroad equipment back to beauty and life as a full size recreation of anthracite railroading.

They welcome help from anyone interested in learning about and working on older locomotives and railway cars.


We produce, and offer for sale, limited run railroad models applicable to the anthracite railroads which are otherwise unavailable through the regular model industry. The ARHS also has for sale many company plans and paint diagrams of equipment.

The Lehigh Valley Railroad Modeler Website is proudly sponsored by ARHS.

Meetings & Fellowship

Our monthly meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month, beginning at 7:30 P.M. Meetings are hybrid allowing participation both via Zoom and physically at the Quakertown Train Station, 15 Front Street, in Quakertown, Pennsylvania.

A brief business meeting is followed by a pleasant social session and, usually, and informative and entertaining program on some aspect of anthracite railroading, highlighted by films, slides or videos from members’ collections.

Our annual meeting is held at a different town within the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or New York and features modeling and prototype clinics and discussions, visual presentations and a business meeting. There is also the chance to chat with authorities in the field of railroad history and get firsthand, authentic insights into areas of mutual interest.

Board of Directors

Looking to contact someone about a specific issue? Wondering who we are? Here is who makes up the current ARHS Board of Directors:

Donate to the ARHS

ARHS Archives
By supporting the society’s archives fund, your contributions go towards the acquisition, preservation, storage, and publication of historical print materials and photo, slide, and negative collections. We have an ongoing effort to digitize a majority of our archives for preservation and distribution in society publications, such as our regular issue of Flags, Diamonds, & Statues.

Company Match
Did you know many employers offer matching donations to 501c3 organizations such as the ARHS? Check with your employer. The ARHS Tax ID number is 23-2494925.

Material Donations

The Anthracite Railroads Historical Society, Inc. can accept a limited quantity of materials that have direct bearing on the history of the following Subject Railroads:

Lehigh Valley Railroad
Reading Company
Central Railroad of New Jersey
Delaware Lackawanna & Western
Lehigh & New England
Lehigh & Hudson River
...and affiliated railroads.

Such items may include but not be limited to original photographs or slides, other media types taken professionally or by subject Railroads enthusiasts, books on the Subject Railroads that provide information from a historical perspective, and other written matter that may be considered valuable. Such donations will be subject to evaluation by Society personnel before formal acceptance. 

Donations play an important role in helping the ARHS fulfill its vision of establishing and maintaining the Society and its Archives as a recognized and authoritative source for information about the history and operations of the Central Railroad Company of New Jersey, Delaware Lackawanna & Western, Lehigh Valley, Lehigh & Hudson River, Lehigh & New England, Reading Company and their affiliates.

Anyone interested in donations of this type should contact the Society via mail at P.O. Box 519, Lansdale, PA 19446-0519 or by email to the Deaccession Committee Chairman at soolinebook@gmail.com. Please mark your envelope with the words MATERIAL DONATION; for e-mails, insert the words MATERIAL DONATION in the subject line. Do not submit your donation(s) until told to do so by the Society.

After the Society accepts your donation, contributors will be sent an acknowledgement letter by the Society that can be used for tax purposes. The Anthracite Railroads Historical Society, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization for donation purposes.

Questions About Past Railroad Employees

Can you supply information about my friend or relative who worked for one of the Anthracite Railroads?

Unfortunately, there is no place we know of that Anthracite Railroad employee records per se were preserved. The ARHS archival collection of records includes some scattered references to employees. These records are not cataloged by any reference to employees or by the title of the document itself. At the present time, we simply do not have enough people to catalog and index our records, let alone search for employee information. We appreciate your understanding.

The Railroad Retirement Board (like Social Security for railroaders) maintains information on railroaders who worked after 1936. Please visit the genealogy section of their website for information on a (paid) search of their records.

Some other scattered references include the Hagley Museum in Wilmington, Del and the Pennsylvania State Archives in Harrisburg, Pa. but due to lack a staffing, searches at either of these sources will most likely need to be done in person.