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*FEATURED* LV Northeastern Caboose, Make Safety a Habit *ARHS Exclusive*

$ 95.00 USD

Sales of the cabooses have been robust; we thank all our customers for their orders. Presently we have sold half of our 150 car production run. If you would like one of these very detailed and UNIQUE to ARHS cars, please order now to avoid disappointment later. We currently have all three road numbers available.

ARHS proudly announces the exclusive-run availability of the HO-scale Lehigh Valley Northeastern steel caboose, with the distinctive “Make Safety a Habit” slogan. These models were produced in partnership with Rapido Trains, Inc. and feature prototypically correct details for this series of cabooses. Staff at Rapido were diligent to ensure these cars were produced with accuracy and high quality. First appearing in 1961, cabooses painted with this safety slogan existed through the end of the LV and into the Conrail era, thus giving these cars a broad timeframe of usage. Details, paint colors, and lettering of the models were determined by using photographs of cabooses from the ARHS archives across the service life of these cars. ARHS contracted with Rapido for 50 each of three road numbers: 95013, 95097, 95103.