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*FEATURED* LV Covered Hopper Kit

$ 57.00 USD

Inspired by the success of the General American Transportation Corporation 4500/4700 cubic foot covered hopper designs, the Penn Central Samuel Rea Shops designed 4600 cubic foot capacity cars and built a total of 761 cars between 1968 and 1969. From this same design, the PC built and delivered 100 cars to the LV in December 1968. The Tangent Scale Models SRS4600 covered hopper is a dimensionally correct replica of these cars, with prototypically correct features, including the as-delivered grey car body with Tuscan red painted 100-ton Barber S-2 trucks.

The kits are HO-scale.

ARHS has 12 road numbers available (as produced by Tangent):
#50952, 50958, 50964, 50966, 50970, 50971, 50973, 50976, 50981, 50984, 50988, and 50991.    

Volume shipping pricing available for purchases of more than 6 cars, please email: ARHS Sales,