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FD&S Vol. 03 No. 4 (Print on Demand)

$ 15.00 USD

The ARHS now offers print-on-demand copies of their society magazine, Flags Diamonds & Statues.  With digital advances in the last few years, we can now offer reprints of issues that have been long out-of-print!

However, unfortunately due to inflation and the cost of print-on-demand services, we can no longer offer this issue at the original cover price.

FD&S 3-4 from calendar year 1981 focuses on the following:
Lackawannas’ RS3’s by Robert Bahrs and Richard Jahn
Reading’s Colorful Trainmasters
The CNJ’s First Steel Box Cars by Don Thompson and Frank Reilly
Photo Section: Coming and Going on Penobscot Mountain

24 pages, color cover photography with black-and-white photos and print inside