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The L&NE Operations on the East End

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Author: Peter Brill

The L&NE Operations on the East End book is self-published. If you saw the recent 3-part L&NE article and the 1-part article on the last L&NE Maybrook freight in FD&S, then you have an idea about the book.

The 308-page book covers the entire history of the L&NE and predecessors, has a lot more information on operations, and has a chapter of about 70 pages of paperwork including conductor’s delay reports showing steam operations in the 1940’s. There is virtually no duplication of photos with the FD&S articles as the books features images by Gene Collora, Bob Collins, John Riley (via RR Ave. Enterprises), John Stellwagen, and John Treen.

Given the L&NE’s extensive usage of trackage rights to reach Maybrook, the book has heavy coverage of the NYS&W between Hainesburg and Swartswood junctions and of the Erie/EL’s Pine Island and Montgomery branches. There is also some information on operations between Pen Argyl and the Delaware River but the focus is east of the Delaware River. The book is soft-cover, black and white, on glossy paper.