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The Lehigh & Susquehanna, Jersey Central’s PA Ops, Volume 2: A Division Matures

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Author: Peter Brill

The L&S PA Operations V2 book is self-published by the Author, Peter Brill.  It is volume 2 of a planned 5 volume series on the topic.  This volume book picks up where volume one left off in 1871 for two decades through 1891. During this period, the CNJ upgraded the L&S with double track and heavy steel rail, built branches to serve new customers, built a fleet of almost 20,000 6-ton coal jimmies, and started the conversion to 25,000 and 30,000-ton gondolas.  Thousands of employees were also added to the rolls as this volume focuses on the tremendous growth and competition in this period.

The book is a 268-page soft-cover book of text, B&W photos, & maps on glossy paper