In 2010 the ARHS was invited to bring their F3 locomotives to Steamtown NHS. This was mutually beneficial to both parties- the ARHS restoration volunteers gained access to  great shop facilities in Scranton in order to make work on the locomotives quicker and easier. In return, Steamtown gained the use of steam-era locomotives to help the park during a time of locomotive shortages.Since the A-B-A set of F units arrived in Scranton in worn Jersey Central colors, the ARHS and Tri-State NRHS decided to repaint them into the DL&W freight scheme. The ARHS F3 became DL&W 664 and the Tri-State-owned F3 became DL&W 663. The pair became a regular on long distance Steamtown excursions in 2012 and 2013. In 2014 the B unit (DLW 664B) was painted to match the two A units. The entire set made the journey to a grand cab unit gathering, Streamliners at Spencer, held at Spencer, NC in May 2014. Unfortunately, 663 developed mechanical problems early in 2014 and the B unit was not yet operational. So 664 carried on by itself during the rest of 2014 and 2015. Early in 2015 (when it was cold) we worked on the only unit which was indoors, Alco FA2 596, which came up from New Jersey in 2012 along with the B unit to Scranton. Cleaning and rust stabilization was done at that time.Once it warmed up we moved to get 663 back in service. We spent most of the summer on this endeavor and were not successful. A rebuilt main generator and air compressor were reinstalled in late summer along with new connecting rod bearings in the prime mover.  We are still looking for an air compressor coupling which has proved difficult to find.Thanks to our members contributions with our “Complete the B unit” fundraising we have made progress toward making the 664B operational. Norfolk Southern donated some electrical parts and several ARHS volunteers have worked many hours to complete the new wiring. Various mechanical work was still in progress as well. 664B is inside this winter so work can continue.Also this winter off-season 664 will receive some maintenance to help reduce oil leaks and radiator leaks. 664 should be ready to go for the 2016 season and if the coupling can be found 663 will join it once again. With some luck we also hope to try to start the B unit in the summer of 2016.