Presenter: Mark Charles

The years from 1945 to 1955 marked two significant transitions on the LVRR.

- First, steam locomotives were replaced by diesel power

- Second, one hundred years of local passenger trains were transformed, then ended (long-distance passenger service remained for a few more years.)

Using newly-available photos by David Marcham, this program will start with the Ithaca passenger main. In addition to the Black Diamond, train #128 from Geneva bought mail, express and passengers to every small town. A self-propelled gas-electric car was the regular equipment on this run. A second gas-electric car served Aurora, Ludlowville, and other communities along Cayuga Lake.

Trains also served the East Ithaca station via the E&C branch. Passenger service transitioned from gas-electric cars to mixed trains behind LV's famous 4-6-0s in the late 1940s and later, diesel road switchers.

On these routes and branches, the milk traffic was rapidly being lost to highway transport. Local passenger and express business was also fading fast. The LV's response was to replace gas-electric cars with locomotive-hauled mixed trains. This limped along for a few more years.

David Marcham captured these changes with his camera. As a student in Ithaca, then working summers for the LVRR, he had an opportunity to make photos that capture a time and place that has now vanished.

The ARHS program will share these photos along with maps and detailed information about the operational changes through the years. Railfans, history buffs, and modelers will find illumination in this program.

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September 2021 Membership Meeting: Steam to Diesel on the LV Buffalo Division

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