The ARHS now offers print-on-demand copies of their society magazine, Flags Diamonds & Statues.  With digital advances in the last few years, we can now offer reprints of issues that have been long out-of-print!

However, unfortunately due to inflation and the cost of print-on-demand services, we can no longer offer this issue at the original cover price.

FD&S 7-2 from calendar year 1977 focuses on the following:

  • The Wreck at Laurel Run by Richard Jahn
  • Last Day at Sayre by Richard Steinbrenner
  • LV Batavia Station by John Marriott
  • Reading’s PH&P:  The Forgotten End of the Reading, Part 1 by Fred Leer and John D.L. Johnson
  • Ironton #751: Lone Survivor by Kenneth Bealer
  • CNJ “Miss Liberty” Boxcar

24 pages, black-and-white photos and print

Becoming a member of the ARHS, $30 a membership cycle (domestic rate), entitles the member to three issues of FD&S, which is approximately one year.  This amounts to $2 savings off the new issue cover price of $12.  Memberships can be purchased in the ARHS store on this site.